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The resources and supports outlined on this site do not replace the advice or guidance provided by mental health professionals. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.

About Us

We Talk. We Grow. is an initiative led by  Farm Safety Nova Scotia raising awareness and taking action to protect and nurture the mental health and well-being of Nova Scotia’s farming community. We are dedicated to cultivating a culture where mental health is not only valued, but also prioritized and protected.

Through education, resources, and community engagement, we aim to create a supportive environment that empowers individuals to seek help, reduce stigma, and build the resilience needed to overcome the unique challenges faced in the farming profession.

Together, through open conversations and mutual supports, we can nuture a stronger farming community.

Because when we talk, we grow – both individually and collectively.


A culture within the Nova Scotia farm community where mental health and well-being is valued, prioritized and protected.


To ensure the farm community has the support and resources needed to protect and promote mental health and wellness.

Guiding Principles

The Blueprint for a Mental Health Action Plan centres around four key pillars to make sure the consultation, design and implementation of a provincial mental health framework for Nova Scotia’s farm community will accurately reflect the varied lives and needs of Nova Scotia farmers across the province.

  • Person-centred: Decisions and actions on mental health supports revolve around what is best for the individual.
  • Evidence-based: Mental health strategies and interventions for treatment, prevention and promotion need to be based on scientific evidence and/or best practice, taking cultural considerations into account.
  • Industry specific: Education, training and resources are all developed and executed through informed subject expertise of the farming industry in Nova Scotia.
  • Inclusive approach: Taking account of the unique health and social needs across all demographics.

On this online platform you will find resources developed to optimize stress-free farm communities and prevent mental health challenges; and when mental health challenges occur – we have created readily accessible, culturally appropriate, and most of all effective, programs and supports.


For a Mental Health Action Plan
for Nova Scotia Farmers

While we are happy to provide a number of diverse supports and resources, we know more work must be done. To address this need, we have developed a Blueprint for a Mental Health Action Plan for Nova Scotia Farmers, a project that was made possible through the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP) COVID-19 Agriculture Response Program.

CAP’s funding has supported the development of this Blueprint for a Mental Health Action Plan for Nova Scotia’s Farm Community, as well as the creation of the We Talk. We Grow. public awareness campaign.

The team at Farm Safety Nova Scotia is referring to this document as a “blueprint” for an action plan, rather than an action plan itself. The reason being the approach needs to be shared-with, consulted-with and discussed-with our industry and government partners in order for the way forward to be fully embraced and supported by all necessary change makers.

What is absolutely clear is the need to act, and the need to act now.

Click here to download the Blueprint for a Mental Health Action Plan