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We Talk. We Grow. Ambassadors


The We Talk. We Grow. Ambassador will help communicate and support the mental health and wellness of the farming community in Nova Scotia through the Mental Health Awareness Campaign. With education and training, the Ambassador will help reduce stigma, increase awareness of the various phases of mental health, and refer those in the community to the available mental health support and resources.

The Ambassador will promote We Talk. We Grow. through word of mouth or telling others about the program; will promote the campaign repeatedly; do it at no cost; encourage the use of training, tools, and resources available; and fully and wholeheartedly support the campaign.


A culture within the Nova Scotia farm community where mental health and well-being is valued, prioritized and protected.


To ensure the farm community has the support and resources needed to protect and promote mental health and wellness.


  • Increase education and awareness of mental health and wellness.
  • Reduce stigma through continued communication of mental health best practices.
  • Empower individuals and organizations to become leaders in promoting mental health and wellness.
  • Strengthen relationships with partners to work together to enhance Nova Scotia’s mental health offerings.
  • Coordinate delivery of tailored tools, resources and supports for mental health and wellness.
  • Reduce stressors negatively impacting mental health and wellness through advocacy and program delivery.

Guiding Principles

The Blueprint for a Mental Health Action Plan centres around four key pillars to make sure the consultation, design and implementation of a provincial mental health framework for Nova Scotia’s farm community will accurately reflect the varied lives and needs of Nova Scotia farmers across the province.

  • Person-centred: Decisions and actions on mental health supports revolve around what is best for the individual.
  • Evidence-based: Mental health strategies and interventions for treatment, prevention and promotion need to be based on scientific evidence and/or best practice, taking cultural considerations into account.
  • Industry specific: Education, training and resources are all developed and executed through informed subject expertise of the farming industry in Nova Scotia.
  • Inclusive approach: Taking account of the unique health and social needs across all demographics.


The We Talk. We Grow. Ambassador has:

  • Relationships with those working in the agriculture industry.
  • Passion and willingness to talk about mental health.
  • Encourage members of the farming community to use available resources & supports.
  • Ability to listen without judgment and provide reassurance.
  • Desire to help reduce the stigma around mental health through conversations.
  • Desire to promote the We Talk. We Grow. brand in-person, on websites, and in social media.
  • Use the In the Know training to facilitate safe conversations and practice self-care.


  1. Attend and participate in a presentation on the We Talk. We Grow. Campaign.
  2. Attend and participate with In the Know Mental Health Literacy training.


  1. We Talk. We Grow. campaign booklet to show support of the ambassador role.
  2. We Talk. We Grow. “Business Card” with Ambassador identification and support from NSFA and Farm Safety Nova Scotia.
  3. We Talk. We Grow. campaign collateral to distribute to the farming community during visits, at meetings, or in conferences.
  4. Social Media, website graphics and yard sign.


Individuals or organizations interested in becoming We Talk. We Grow. Ambassadors complete an application. The application can be found at the bottom of this page. Applications will be reviewed by Farm Safety Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture staff to determine a fit for the program based on the criteria listed above.

Organizations applying to become ambassadors will undergo an additional assessment to determine the number of individuals that will adequately meet the expectations of the Ambassador program.


Successful applicants meeting the criteria listed above, will be informed by letter via e-mail. The letter will include the next steps of becoming an Ambassador.

Farm Safety Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture staff will be available to help support the ambassador in their role by providing training in mental health literacy, continuously evaluating necessary supports and resources and providing them to the Ambassador and be available to answer questions relating to the We Talk. We Grow. Campaign and available supports and resources.

Ambassadors will be asked to complete surveys or provide feedback to help improve the program and outreach to the farming community.


  • Please complete the following questions, answering no will not have an impact on the application.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911, or go to your nearest emergency department.
Supporting the MENTAL HEALTH of Nova Scotia Farmers