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Leadership Charter Signatories
  1. David Newcombe, President, Farm Safety Nova Scotia
  2. Tim Marsh, President, Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture
  3. Hon. Keith Colwell, Former Minister of Agriculture
  4. Dr. David Gray, Dean, Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture
  5. Justin Cantafio, Executive Director, Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia
  6. Brittany Frenette, Outreach Manager, Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia
  7. Peter Burgess, Executive Director, Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia
  8. Jeff Clarke, Chair, Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia
  9. Amy VanderHeide, President, Chicken Producers Association of Nova Scotia
  10. Thom Oulton, Chair, Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia
  11. Hon. Iain Rankin, Former Premier of Nova Scotia
  12. Katie Keddy, President, Kings County Federation of Agriculture
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Supporting the MENTAL HEALTH of Nova Scotia Farmers